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The 10 Best Designer Bags Our Clients Own in Every Category

While trends tend to waver as each season hurries on, the best designer bags remain at the helm of your closet year after year—a friendly reminder that thoughtful spending on your wardrobe may result in offsetting costs. Investment bags are charting new heights in the resale marketplace as an audience of collectors is ready to snap up the hottest styles.

The clutch, Shoulder bag, crossbody, and tote are four pillars of a handbag shelf that we encourage our clients to own in every shade of neutral (and a splash of color). By shopping traditional silhouettes, you can quickly build heritage heroes into your everyday uniform—dressing down with casual ballerinas and a watch or sprucing up with heeled sandals and diamond drop earrings. Through the Editorialist lens, we're editing down the latest editions from our go-to labels and highlighting what makes Designer bags worth purchasing. Stay with us as we share the best from Hermès, Celine, and more.

1 /10  Best Designer Bags from Hermès


As the holy grail of luxury bags, a lucky few first-time shoppers ever gain access to the VIP rooms at Hermès. With an unmistakable eye for construction and refined hardware, Hermès products, such as our client-favorite Kelly, retain their high value. 

Shopping Tip: Our stylists receive frequent inquiries about how to buy an Hermès bag. We can help you skip the waitlist—message our team to learn more and consider purchasing stocking stuffers for your Nice List at Hermès this season to build a relationship with a Sales Associate.

2 /10  Best Designer Bags from Khaite


Earning buzz from it-girls, editors, and clientele, Khaite's feminine juxtaposition is relatable on every level. Our clients are particularly drawn to the Lotus Tote and frame styles, but the simple design notes flawlessly acclimate to any wardrobe.  

Shopping Tip: Khaite delivers exceptional quality across all categories—which style of bag is lacking in your closet?

3 /10  Best Designer Bags from Celine


leather bags are Celine's bread and butter—cool but timeless, the House regularly offers heirloom-worthy carryalls. Reviving Celine's resonant history, the Triomphe is one of our top recommended bags across the shoulder bag and crossbody markets.

Shopping Tip: Celine's styles evolve gradually—ask yourself if you have anything similar before purchasing. 

4 /10  Best Designer Bags from Chanel


Thanks to the genius of Chanel's current and late designers, to own a Chanel bag is to possess a piece of history. The label's ability to attract consumers of all ages interrupts the norm of traditional bag functionality—even in denim, the Classic Flap bags are unrivaled.

Shopping Tip: Chanel favors trendier bags—can you see yourself carrying this bag next year? 

5 /10  Best Designer Bags from Dior


Dior's designs are emblematic of fantasy and sophistication—each bag representing a piece of authentic couture. In classic form, our clients trend towards the Book Tote and Caro Bag, but our editors relish the variety of fresh silhouettes each season.

Shopping Tip: Because of the artisanal quality, Dior bags often sit pretty in closets rather than being shown off in the world—we recognize that a few blemishes make your bag uniquely yours and give it character. 

6 /10  Best Designer Bags from Bottega Veneta


Even through cycles of Creative Directors, Bottega Veneta's core brand identity persists in attracting global customers. The House's updated style icons, such as the Jodie and Cassette, are leaders in the luxury space. 

Shopping Tip: When seeking your next designer bag, ask yourself, what colors and textures could I use to elevate my wardrobe?

7 /10  Best Designer Bags from Fendi


Tempting low-key fashion (and now interior) enthusiasts from Rome to Texas, the Fendi universe brings playful and intriguing elements to the heritage landscape. Artfully inspired by recent collections, our clients have lapped up the Fendi First clutch and are rallying around newer silhouettes, such as the Fendigraphy.

Shopping Tip: Consult your existing wardrobe before investing in a new designer bag to sidestep parallel tones. 

8 /10  Best Designer Bags from Gucci


AHouse whose message transverses client personas from uptown to downtown, Gucci hits the mark on nostalgia and newness simultaneously. Archival Gucci bags such as the Jackie resurge in popularity every fashion cycle, and our clients regularly style the classic Horsebit crossbody and logo totes. 

Style Tip: In the age of mini bags, don't forget to test what can actually fit in your bag—dimensions are deceiving. 

9 /10  Best Designer Bags from Saint Laurent


Defining Parisian luxury, Saint Laurent's clean and recurrent designs cut to the chase. Considering each season's new bag debut only deviates so much from the last, the brand has significant staying power—particularly the Loulou and Envelope styles at Editorialist.

Shopping Tip: Saint Laurent is known for working with sumptuous textures such as shearling and raffia—ask yourself, does this bag wear across seasons in my climate?

10 /10  Best Designer Bags from The Row


The humble confidence behind The Row's sartorial style has garnered the attention of celebrities and industry insiders. Effortless yet intentional, the quality and function of silhouettes such as the Park Tote drive our clients to the brand for wardrobe fundamentals.  



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