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How to choose a branded bag that suits you


1. Start with some entry-level or new classic bags from big brands, such as LV's mailman, bucket, Nano series, Gucci's GG Marmont, 1961, 1955, Celine's vintage Underarm bag, or YSL's niki. The price of the bag is around ten thousand yuan, which is not easily outdated and quite durable.

2. We have acquired super classic models from various major brands, such as Chanel's 2.55, CF, 19, Celine's box, and Dior's Diana, with prices ranging from 30000 to 50000 yuan. They are basically evergreen models from various brands, which are the ones that increase in price every year.

3、 don't want the classic style that everyone calls famous, but my strength doesn't allow me to buy Herm è s' three major diamonds. At this point, you will choose some unpopular and less well-known luxury brands, such as Delvaux Brilliant, Moynat Rejane, Valextra iside, Goyard Saigon, and others with good quality, which will leave an impression of good taste and knowledge.



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